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We are a granulated cork company with extensive experience in the area. We have technical, committed and skilled professionals.

Our company is prepared to produce all kinds of calibers and densities corresponding to the customer's needs, always offering a smart, fast and cost-effective solution.

When ordering natural granulated cork, density is the most important factor to consider.

When harvesting cork, the bark is stripped off the trunk of cork oak trees. This process does not kill nor damage the tree and the bark will regenerate in around 9 years, cork bark has a soft and elastic inside layer nearest the trunk opposing the outside of the bark which get harder and less elastic.

Density can range between 50 kg/m3 and 220 kg/m3. The properties and appearance of the granule will also be different. Price also differs, the lowest the density higher the price gets.

Lower density granules, around 50 kg/m3 to 65 kg/m3 are the most precious being the most elastic and are mainly used to make micro-agglomerated cork stoppers, cork lids and other agglomerated cork items.

Medium density granules usually 70 kg/m3 to 90 kg/m3 is mostly used in cork flooring, cork rolls, fashion items, cork soles and wedges, gaskets, interior of baseballs, hockey and golf balls, kayaks and surfboards etc.

High density granules from 100kg/m3 on, are increasingly used for artificial turf cork infill, dry cleaning of medium/high voltage posts, insulation boards and a range of other usages.




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