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With each passing day, the advantages of using cork instead of traditional rubber, confirms its uniqueness!

Cork is a 100% natural, non-toxic and biodegradable product.

It´s excellent for sports because of its resistance to friction, making it softer to the touch, reducing the risk of injury on impact with the ground.

There is low probability of skin irritation or allergies with no risk of bacteria growth and it is odorless.

Due to its structure, cork has low thermal conductivity allowing turf to remain at a cooler temperature up to less 35 °Fahrenheit/ 1.7 °Celsius, compared to traditional sand and rubber systems. Having less temperature, it needs less water, so humidity lasts longer.

Cork is resilient, retaining its shape by the air trapped inside the cells and recovers its shape after compressed by use. For this reason, the playing surfaces are not compacted with time as having prefilled with granulated rubber.

Since it is less abrasive for the turf´s fibers its lengths the turf´s useful life.

Cork does not absorb humidity; rain drains easily facilitating rapid drying of the playing surface.

Summarizing, cork makes synthetic turf field more playable and longer lasting, while also making it safer for plyers and even our environment. With all these benefits it becomes easier to decide why every turf field should have cork infill.




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