Ecological Flip Flops – CIMA SANDALS

João Azevedo had a project in mind for several years:

Having a brand that sells a product that everyone needs and uses ”on a regular basis. About a year and a half ago, the project started to take shape. Marinated the idea, João started working on a concept of “ecological slippers”, made from recycled materials, ideal for going to the beach or just for a walk. “If it were to make a product, it would have to be something in this context, that would not harm the environment,” he explains to the Observer.

The concept gave way to Cima Sandals, a brand that is preparing to start producing the first slippers with national cork and recycled rubber until the end of July, beginning of August. As? Through a crowdfunding campaign (collective financing) that João Azevedo launched at KickStarter to obtain 4,800 euros until May 19th. In return, those who invest can receive a pair of Cima Sandals. “


In: Observador


Image: From Facebook “Cima Sandals”




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