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Cork in the Electrical Industry – Dry cleaning by projection of organic particles (cork), in medium, high and very high voltage installations (from 10 kV to 400 kV)

The equipment installed on poles, substations, transformer stations and overhead electric power production plants are exposed and subject to several types of pollution, such as saline pollution, bird droppings, dust deposits and various contaminants.

The PROCME Group was a pioneer, in Portugal and abroad, in the use of a cleaning and maintenance process based on the projection of cork waste particles, resulting from its crushing, by dehumidified compressed air. This process allows the cleaning and removal of dirt from contaminating residues in the equipment from a preventive maintenance perspective, with excellent results.

This operation is carried out in restricted and confined environments, does not use chemicals, water or solvents, and is performed by highly specialized technicians in tension work using only compressed air and a constant flow of cork particles mixed with air, at high speed, in order to remove contaminating residues and prevent oxidation of structures and possible damage to equipment.

This process is ecological, safe and made with 100% Portuguese cork.

Why Cork ?!
The cork particles have a hardness and dielectric characteristics (insulators) that allow an efficient, controlled and safe cleaning, even with the equipment connected or with the network in operation!




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